Friday, September 2, 2016

The Post Where Things Are Different-er

Today is September 2nd and things are completely different than the last time I blogged. 

I am 34 years old and live with my parents now.
First, we sold our condo in about 2 seconds. Many thanks to my wonderful realtor (a friend through my infertility support group - go busted uteruses!), the nutty Chicago real estate market and the recovering economy. Then we went to the owner of a house we had fallen in love with, then freaked out over it being too much rehab and walked away from. Thankfully, the owner was happy to renegotiate and we signed a contract. The house is old, in somewhat sad shape, has an amazing overgrown garden with a big raspberry bush, smells like cat pee and will be a wonderful cozy home for my little family following a little TLC. Also, it is 4 houses down from my sister's house. We are scheduled to close on that house at the end of September. All good news.

Here's where things get shitty. My new job, the one I left my stable if imperfect, well-paying gig for, turned fairly awful.* Obviously I was holding on, trying to make money, and just dealing with various shenanigans. Except then business slowed waaaaay down - after we had a signed contract on the house - and my boss effectively laid me off. That would be difficult but bearable if not for the fact that I have to show a pay stub in September that is roughly equivalent to my previous pay stubs in order to secure our loan. I'm trying to negotiate this with my boss but he is being difficult. (*See job turned "fairly awful.") At this point, I have no idea if we're completely fucked and not going to get our house or if he's going to be a decent person and help us out. Consider it severance. You may think we're insane to proceed with the purchase of a house while one of us is unemployed but here's our thinking:
A) J is still working. 
B) I have a strong resume, have a great network of people gunning for me and realistically expect to be employed again in the near future. 
C) J's parent's had already agreed to assist us with the rehab of our house. That money still exists and isn't going anywhere. We are lucky; they are incredible. 
D) The mortgage on our house, given the low interest rates, is actually less than we paid on our condo after monthly assessments. If we were to rent in the town we now live in, our rent would be more than a mortgage.
E) We're currently living with my parents and that cannot stand forever. I love them, we're doing well, but we are 6 people and 3 dogs in a 3 bedroom house with zero sound attenuation. 

Fuck. Anywho, I feel basically embarrassed and ashamed that I am unemployed. Not because it's a shameful thing but because I am me and am very good at harboring embarrassment and shame. Simultaneously, I am wildly hopeful. It's a funny thing.
I am sick over the fate of my house and my boss's fuckery. FFFFUUUUUUUCK.

In news that is more delightful, Eloise is 6 months old now and has reached that fabled stage where babies sit and play but do not crawl into danger. It is the best. She is smiley, thinks kisses are very funny and is hopelessly in love with Henry and our dogs. Henry is smitten with her as well and enjoys talking to her in a screechy, high voice that is apparently how one must speak to babies. "Elweeze, I make you laugh! Elweeze, you want to play trucks? Elweeze, you funny!" They are so cute. Thank God I have them right now as the rest of it is soooo stressful. I can't wait to write my update post and tell you all that everything worked out and that a stranger on the street offered me a flex-time job with full benefits that pays half a million dollars per year (let's be reasonable with our dreams) and provides 4 months of vacation time. The End.

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  1. Oh shit that sucks. I hope you find a great job soon and can post an awesome update! Glad to hear the kids are getting along. My daughter is waiting for her brother to do anything but sleep- I can't wait until they are interacting with each other!