TTC Timeline

September 2011 - Goalie pulled! No more birth control. Not actively trying, just waiting for my cycle to figure itself out. Then nothing. No period. For-freaking-ever.

January 2012 - Period is back! I get on the charting bandwagon thanks to Taking Charge of Your Fertility, best book ever. Surely we'll get pregnant immediately.

April 2012 - My cycles are wacky and this whole unprotected sex thing isn't working. Go see a gynecologist. I'm ovulating (yay), my progesterone is low, my uterine lining is thin and my luteal phase is short (all boo). I am fed Clomid like candy and nothing happens.

October 2012 - Graduate to the big leagues, the Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE). After blood tests, HSG, and I barely remember what else, I am crowned with unexplained infertility. We start IUIs.

IUI #1 -  Clomid. Fail. Creepy thin uterine lining.
IUI #2 - Femara. Fail.
IUI#3 - Clomid + Follistim. Fail.
IUI #4 - Femara + Follistim. Fail.
That was fun.

March 2013 - IVF #1. Birth control pills + Lupron + Follistim + Menopur. Real drugs make my uterine lining super plush. Positive HCG test on March 30th but at the low, low beta level of 25. Beta hell coupled with blood begins. Beta goes up, first ultrasound goes very well, and then second ultrasound not so much. No heartbeat at 6 weeks 4 days. Miscarriage begins naturally at 7 weeks. And then stops. D&C scheduled, then cancelled. Methotrexate shot on May 3rd. HCG finally back to zero on May 24th. Let us rejoice. Amen.

July 2013 - IVF #2. Follistim + Menopur + HGH + Ganilrelix.
7dp3dt - Squinter of a BFP on an internet cheapie pregnancy test. Cue panic and freak out.
Aug. 2 - HCG Beta 80.2
Aug. 5 - HCG Beta 199.3
Aug. 7 - HCG Beta 367
Aug. 20 - Heartbeat detected. Amazeballs.
Oct. 26 - Penis! On the baby. Not me. And where it's supposed to be, right between the legs.

April 4, 2014 at 11:32 pm - Henry enters the world after nearly 30 hours of labor. He is perfect. I am in love. 6 lbs, 6 oz and 20" of awesome.

June 2015 - IVF #3. Follistim + Menopur + Ganilrelix.
June 20 - Faint BFP!
June 23 - HCG Beta 84
June 25 - HCG Beta 219
July 10 - Heartbeat detected, we're in the game.
Sept. 17 - Girl???!!!

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    Congrats on the BFP!! We are facing our first IVF soon... but not soon enough....