Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Belated Mothers' Day Post

A quick post on Mama's Day. This could have been a really hard Mothers' Day. Honestly, I don't think anyone would blame me for spending it in bed. I didn't mostly because I was still in Boston and would have had to perform my elaborate and vocal mourning rituals on S's living room sofa. S & L wouldn't have minded and probably would have plied me with cocktails and bad television but S's husband might have felt uncomfortable. I called my mom to wish her a happy day and left the formalities at that.

I decided that this Mothers' Day, I was "opting out" of the conventional celebration. Opting out is my new thing for potentially difficult situations. I realize it's not necessarily the mature choice (please, I'm only thirty) but it is my current method of self preservation. My only rule is that I don't hurt others. Fair, right? After giving love to my own sweet mama, I spent the morning playing with S's unbelievably adorable daughter, Peanut*, and the afternoon scouring the weekly vintage market with S & L. In some ways, I think I did a great job of honoring Mothers' Day. No, I didn't sit on my aunt and uncle's back patio eating hockey puck burgers with the rest of the family but I did spend the day with one of my favorite mothers of all time, S. I feel very lucky to be a part of their lives and to watch Peanut grow up into this beautiful and funny little girl. S's family reminds me of why I am on this long, tough journey. It will be so worth it. What a miracle to witness your friends' mini-hybrid model blossom before your very eyes.

*A note: While S is generally a creative genius and odd in her own right, she did not name her daughter Peanut. It is simply her frequent nickname.

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  1. Opting out? Totally valid coping mechanism. I do it all the time. I'm glad you survived the dreaded MD intact.