Saturday, June 29, 2013

Westward Ho!

Blogging while sleeping has got to be dangerous. 
I'm currently sitting at O'Hare airport, blinking my way through a coma. The green tea is only somewhat helping. 4:45 is such a horrible time to wake up. J is off "exploring" terminal 2 and I am holding down the fort. Why, you ask, are we camped in the airport like Edward Snowden? Well, not exactly like Snowden as we have a guitar in tow and valid tickets out of here. J and I are heading off to Yellowstone National Park for a week-long vacation with his mom, step-dad (recall the crazy pills?), and all their kids and spouses. I think there will be 14 of us all together fighting off grizzlies and riding buffalo through fields of geysers. I have never been to Yellowstone or any other of the great Western national parks but I assume that's how it is. Bison burgers and buffalo rides every single day. (My God, this is incoherent.)

I am very genuinely looking forward to this trip. I'm a sucker for a dramatic landscape and I here Yellowstone is lousy with 'em. Also, I get to cozy up with J's step-sister, SDN, my partner in crime (is knitting a crime?) and comadre in fertility woes. IVF veteran, regional champion eye-roller, and a Binny's frequent flyer, she's queen of the hop. I can't wait to see her. 

Ooh! Boarding! Love to you all. My next post will be from under the spray of Old Faithful. 

To tide you over, I leave you with an image of me in the future.


  1. Enjoy the wild, wild West! So great to have a partner in crime, isn't it? I usually don't attend family events unless my sister is coming because I have a physical need to make rude and sarcastic comments on a constant basis and need a willing participant. Have fun, take pictures!

  2. SDN sounds like the universe's gift to the infertile. And to the fertile, I suppose. Enjoy Yellowstone and family. Soak it up.

    Also, really nice to meet you. I've just stumbled here, and I am super tickled about it.

    1. I tried to respond to you last week but alas, my little blogger app failed me. I've been checking in on you for sometime. I'm so glad you found me!
      Yes, SDN is dreamy :)

  3. Yellowstone is fantastic- you guys are going to have a fabulous time there. Make sure to pop over into Grand Tetons as well!