Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Shopping for who?

Dear Infertiles,

Don't you find it difficult to shop for clothing without wondering if it will accommodate the bump that is obviously in your very near future despite all evidence to the contrary? I do. I've purposely not shopped at times - even though I've been in need of some shmatte to cover my body if only for decency - because I am so sure that I will be growing a blissful protuberance in a matter of seconds. Poof! Pregnant. Begin the muumuu parade.

I was all proud of myself because I skipped out of work at lunch and bought three cute, flattering dresses. I consciously willed myself to buy things that simply fit and looked good, not ones that could accomodate an adult cat in the mid-section. Apparently my subconscious won. I thought I had achieved a triumph of willpower and sanity but now that I review my purchases, all have quite a bit of stretch and give. I will note that none of them have an empire waist. Oh-my-God-that's-not-even-true! Whatever, I tried.

IVF brain fail.

More or less what I bought today at Marshall's.


  1. Totally guilty of this, 100% of the time.

  2. OMG, I've totally been doing this for at least a year. WAIT A MINUTE, maybe that's why I kept gaining weight this last year, because I was trying to fill out the muumuus and blousy tops I bought???