Tuesday, October 1, 2013

12 Week Update

Kids, I am 12 weeks 3 days pregnant today. Boom. That is huge. I wasn't sure how 12 weeks would feel - if it would feel like a relief or if I would hold on for 13, or 14 weeks - but Saturday it hit and I woke up feeling like a million bucks. I realize you're never totally out of the woods but I have to say, there are definitely some glimmers of sunshine at the 12 week mark. Some well placed remarks by my new OB definitely helped. According to her, my chances of miscarriage are below 1% at this point. While it would be very me to say, oooohhhhh I could totally be in the 0.8%, it's statistically quite unlikely. I'm not not worried, it's just foolish to walk around wearing a black tulle veil and lamenting something that will probably not happen.

An aside to my fellow IF bloggers and readers, do you ever feel like reading new IF blogs can have the affect of making you more anxious? I always select the TTC history tab and have a mini nervous breakdown over recurrent pregnancy loss and, particularly now, second trimester loss. This isn't the beautiful-online-community thing to say, but I'm thinking I should just stick to my tried and true bloggers (you know who you are, mostly because you're listed on the right hand column of this blog). I'm familiar with your stories, none of you freak me out, and I am very comfortable being on your cheering squad no matter what happens. Yes. I made a decision. My IF blog list is temporarily closed for the sake of my mental health.

Anywho, on to brighter unicorns. Last Wednesday was our first OB appointment. I had my very first external ultrasound - jelly on the belly, just like on tv. Right away, there was the kid. Kid was feeling particularly jazzy. It (let me use "it" instead of some pretentious fake pronoun. If my child is transgendered, I will use whatever pronoun s/he prefers.) was lounging in utero, one hand behind the head, the other waving above. It arched its back at one point and kicked off the side of my uterus. I can't believe I can't feel all of this action. My new OB pronounced it "awesome" and a "great looking fetus." I concur. This was the first time it looked like an human/alien baby and not an amorphous blob. Really exciting. As nutty as it sounds, I'm also really heartened by the kid's body language. It seemed so at home lounging and flipping around like that, like there was an invisible margarita in its hand. I dare say my uterus seemed like a tropical resort. No frills, per se, but adequate food and a steady 98.6 degrees. (My, I am feeling ballsy writing like this. Eek!)

This weekend I unleashed the news on my extended family. My parents and sister knew, as did J's entire family (because secrets don't keep on that side). On Saturday, I drove over to my grandma's house under the auspices of being in the neighborhood to return a few things to the local suburban mall. Never mind that I work steps away from Chicago's main shopping district. Fertility treatments can really rob you of the opportunity to be adorable. Nobody got a surprise onesie after I peed on a stick. J saw the pee stick while he was peeing. That's how un-adorable this all was. 12 weeks into it, I decided that both my grandma and I deserved to be disgustingly adorable together. Grandma suffered through miscarriages herself, knew of our fertility woes, and being the fervent Catholic that she is, probably made the priest at St. John's order a few extra cases of candles for us. Sooo, I took the most human looking of the ultrasound photos, bought the only correctly sized frame at Target (not cute), assembled and gift wrapped. Because she is a woman of a certain age, I was able to hold my iphone up and film my grandma's response when she saw the photo. Her response was completely priceless. First she frowned and said she needed her glasses. Once glasses were on, the following conversation ensued.

Grandma: Is this a baby?
Me: Yes.
Grandma: Is it Juice's baby?
Me: No
Grandma: Well then who's baby is it?
Me: It's my baby.
Grandma: What do you mean it's your baby?
Me: I mean, it's my baby!
Grandma: Are you pregnant?
Me: Yes!
Grandma screams and stomps her foot and then abruptly stops.
Grandma: (very sternly) Amy, are you lying to me?!?!

Once I assured her that no, I would not lie about the content of my uterus, we celebrated. It was lovely. I got roped into telling Other Aunt in person, which was fine and actually easier than over the phone. Phones are so awkward.

So there, I'm partially out. Family knows. Close friends. I just have to let my boss know. I've decided I can wait until week 14 for that one unless I'm forced at some point. I feel like they've probably noticed that I've switched over to stretchy pants and jersey dresses but perhaps not.* It's fall, 'tis the season for complete pant abandonment.

*This fashion choice has been made out of comfort, not quite necessity. I'm packing a solid fupa now, definitely not a bump.


  1. Aaah I totally relate to being leery of reading new blogs...don't blame you sticking with what's tried and true!! Also, why do people feel compelled to share horror stories with you when you're trying to celebrate? The minute you tell someone you're feeling better about _____ (reaching the 2nd trimester, let's say) they just HAVE TO INFORM YOU that they know someone who had some awful thing happen in the 3rd tri. Or they know someone whose birthmother came and took the baby back after 8 days with the adoptive parents. DON'T TELL ME THESE STORIES, PEOPLE, I ALREADY KNOW HOW BAD IT CAN BE!!!! Sorry. Thanks.

    1. Has it occurred to you that something awful could happen? Why yes, stranger/acquaintance, it has!
      People are bananas. That is not a metaphor. People are crazy and bananas are wonderul and full of potassium. Just so you know, I have no concerns about your adoption. I also have no terrible stories to tell you. That birthmother zoomed in on you and KNEW.

  2. Congrats on the second trimester. Absolutely loved the story of your conversation with your grandmother. So so cute!

  3. Congrats on 12 weeks! While I'm sure I'll always be nervous, I have to say, the second trimester is SO different than the first. You'll feel better physically, you'll start to watch your belly grow, you'll reach a point where everyone knows and it feels good. All very exciting!
    Your Grandma sounds adorable. I love old people.

  4. Hi there! I'm Heather and I was hoping you would be able to answer my quick question about your blog! If you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com when you get a free moment that would be great!

  5. Happy second tri to youuuu!!! Girl, it has just flown by... for me, at least. :)

    Even with my history, I just keep thinking that if I can make it twelve weeks, I can make it all the way. It really is a huge milestone. And your percentages of something going wrong are so, so low! I have faith.

    And how cute is your grandma?!! Love it.

  6. I loved the 12 week ultrasound because the baby finally looked like a baby!!

    I love how you told your grandmother! So cute.