Monday, March 18, 2013


I'm sober now. I was blogging while intoxicated yesterday. I keep thinking about how conscious sedation or "twilight sleep" was used during labor. It's hard to believe. I was so out of it during the procedure, I could have no more clapped my hands than assist in getting a baby out of my body. My memory of the procedure is as follows: I asked the nurse how long it would take to feel the effects of the sedative. She replied between one and two minutes. She left the room. Then the ceiling started moving. Then I was dreaming but could also hear the nurses and doctor talking. I could vaguely feel some action going on in my nether regions. At some point the nurse asked me to roll over for my progesterone shot which I miraculously did and thought that it really didn't hurt that much. I woke up back in the recovery area and decided that I'd rather be asleep. I vacillated between sleeping and waking until I was forced to pay attention, dress myself (honestly with the help of J), and float on out of there.
Yesterday I napped and watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. LOVED. I adore India and Judi Dench and these two were wrapped up into one.
Today I got the dreaded/highly anticipated call back from the embryology lab: of the 11 eggs, 7 were mature and, of those, 5 fertilized normally. I gotta say, after all of those drugs, constantly feeling fatigued and mildly crappy, 5 doesn't feel like all that many. I have to remember that I don't need a million eggs. Just a few of good quality and only one to implant. So I'm not disappointed, just not elated.
Here's the thing that is lingering with me today. My ass is killing me. The whole upper third of my left glute (a large, vast swath I assure you) is so blindingly painful that the muscles have been rendered useless. I feel like I'm dragging that leg behind me. This is all from that progesterone shot. For those not in the know, progesterone is suspended in oil (typically peanut if you're curious) and then injected intramuscularly into your buttock or thigh. Many women going through IVF give themselves this injection once a day for up to 10 weeks if they get pregnant. I'm lucky in that my doctor prescribes Endometrin, a vaginal suppository. I think the fact that I just typed that I felt "lucky" to have thrice daily suppositories shows how far I've come. Anywho, I'm either a giant baby and cannot deal with the pain of a single intramuscular shot OR I'm having a bad reaction OR the nurse hit a nerve. Maybe all three. But this is brutal. I crouched to pick something up today and then had a really hard time getting up. I told my colleagues I had pulled a muscle as I fought back the tears. Of all the bullshit I've dealt with during this IVF cycle, this is right up there. I'm going to limp away now.


  1. I'm reading some of your previous posts and I swear that we are the same person. I had 11 eggs retrieved, only 6 were mature enough. After ICSI, only 4 fertilized. One was transferred, one was frozen. I had been taking egg quality supplements which I suppose helped?

    You should ask your doctor about Crinone instead- you only have to shove it up your hoo-ha twice a day instead of three times. :-)

    1. We are the same person, NSC! I write this after my sort of positive-ish beta. I hope, like yours, mine continues to rise. Fingers crossed.
      What egg quality supplements did you take?