Saturday, March 30, 2013

Um...What? Sort of happy, WTF.

I am not not pregnant. I am a little bit pregnant. Which is a lot more pregnant than I have ever been before.
My HCG beta came back at 25. Over 100 is ideal. 25 is really low, possibly/probably a chemical pregnancy. So I am maybe pregnant. On Monday I will go back in for another blood test to see if my beta has doubled. I pray that it does.
Here is the good news: my body can possibly get pregnant. It can happen. I wasn't sure that it could. No matter how this turns out, I can take that piece of very good news with me. The other good news that I should not forget between now and Monday is that there is a small chance that this might work. It's not terribly likely but the chance is there. As I said in a previous post, "maybe" is a very happy place for me.

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