Monday, August 5, 2013

Beta Numero Dos

Beta #1 (8/2) :  80.2
Beta #2 (8/5): 199.3

More than double Friday's beta, slightly under the "ideal" 48-hour doubling period. Before you post comments lamenting my upcoming death from swine flu or sluggish HCG betas, please know what I've been trying to drill into my head for the last few hours: anything between a doubling time of 48 and 72 hours is normal and dandy. This is according to The American Pregnancy Association and a plethora of other reputable sources. What could be more American than this petri-dish derived pregnancy fueled by mega-doses of synthetic hormones? My uterus is practically setting off fireworks, grilling brats and making jello salad. Of course my cranky university hospital RE clinic subscribes to the 48-hour-textbook rule and has asked me to do another beta on Wednesday. The nurse who called wasn't particularly negative but wasn't planning my baby shower either. Sigh, involuntary beta hell. Whatevs. Ocho Cellito is hanging on and clearly growing.

S, of guest blogging fame, went to see her OB today. She is (possibly romantically) in love with her OB and promised to ask her for feed back on my digits. S says that her doc "squealed" and said they were great. She said that a 66% rise in 48 hours is typical and that my numbers were strong. Strong like bull. Is it ridiculous to want to choose her as my future OB (hoping that all goes well)? Now what if you found out that she practiced in Boston and I reminded you that I live in Chicago? Yeah, a little nuts. But I love her optimism. She wrote my name and numbers in S's chart and said she expected updates. Love it.

I'm off to acupuncture this evening where I know I'll get another dose of positivity and relaxation. Nothing to do breath deeply, get stuck with tiny needles, and relax. No more google for you.


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    1. Gah. Is this reading as optimism? I'm dying.

    2. Nothing but optimism for you, girly!!

  2. You forgot to mention that S also thought your numbers were good and she works IN THE COMPANY OF DOCTORS. Take that Debby Downer Chicago Clinic.

  3. strong like a bull - love it! (Also, as I'm in the boston area, I'm dying to know who this infamous OB is!)

    1. Hi Sarah

      The magic OB is Dr. Julie Jolin at MGH. She's the best doctor I've ever interacted with (oh, and I should say I work at MGH with doctors) Good luck!

  4. I stumbled across your blog yesterday and just wanted to wish you good luck. I hope your beta skyrockets tomorrow and you've got a sticky one in there. Our timelines are similar (I included my timeline below). Most of my friends are also pregnant or have babies - and some are on their second kids already. I'm currently in my first IVF cycle - 9dp3dt - and started peeing on sticks like a crazy person already - even though my beta isn't until Monday. They are all negative so it's not looking great for me, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    - Meredith

    TTC Timeline
    October 2011 - "pulled a goalie"
    July 2012 - went to a RE
    August 2012 - Letrozole, Crinone, Chemical Pregnancy
    September 2012 - Letrozole, Crinone, BFN
    October 2012 - Letrozole, Crinone, BFN
    November 2012 - Letrozole, Crinone, Chemical Pregnancy
    December 2012 - Letrozole, Crinone, BFN
    January 2013 - Gonal-F, HCG, Pregnant - ended in miscarriage at 8 weeks
    April 2013 - Clomid, Crinone, BFN
    May 2013 - Gonal-F, HCG - Chemical Pregnancy
    July 2013 - IVF #1 (Gonal-F, Menopur, Ganirelix, HCG, Medrol, Metanx, Baby Aspirin, Estrace, Lovenox) - Jury is still out on this one but I don't think it's looking good

    1. I'm so glad you found me! Good luck, Meredith! It's not over til it's over. I'm sending you positive juju. Keep me posted...

    2. Thanks! I think that it pretty much is. We called the doctor and he said it should show up today and it's not. I'm glad you're still in the game though. Hope it all continues to work out in your favor!

    3. I'm sorry to hear that. The first IVF often doesn't work. Mine only worked if you consider a positive pregnancy test the goal of the affair. I'll keep stalking you to see how everything is going!

  5. I wonder why that is. It's frustrating because I've been pregnant - once with a good embryo and three times with crummy ones (chemical pregnancies) so I am not sure why this didn't work. We didn't have any to freeze, because IVF revealed that my egg quality sucks. I can make a couple good ones out of the bunch that's it - explains all of my chemical pregnancies. I actually started a blog a while ago and never did anything with it... but I started writing a few days ago because I was so upset and didn't know what else to do. As you know, with IVF restrictions, you can't do anything - like run or drink wine (and I could REALLY use a glass) - to get out the negative feelings. It actually made me feel a bit better, so I'll probably keep it going. If you feel like following me, it's Hopefully one day soon I will have some good news to share on there. Until then, I'll keep an eye over here to make sure everything is progressing well!