Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Beta #3 - The Snowball

This morning I went back for my 85th HCG beta. The word was if the number went above 50, they'd have me retest on Friday. If not, I'd stop my meds and let it flow... You're welcome for the imagery.
My favorite salsa singing tech drew my blood again today. "Are your levels going well?" "No, they're not." "But they're going up?" "Barely." "Then you have to have faith." Um, no I don't. Why have faith in something impossible? This pregnancy has a snowball's chance in hell. The tech promised that he'd add a little extra HCG to the mix.

I think he did. My HCG came in at 65. This snowball is apparently scrambling to hang in there. I know that my chances are still really bad. Perhaps not quite as bad as I thought they were on Monday but still quite dismal. So now we wait again... continued meds, more bloodwork on Friday.

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