Friday, April 5, 2013

Beta #4 - Still Pregnant, Still a Horror Show.

So this is getting really fun! I had my follow up HCG beta this morning and my levels more than doubled. Up to 175. Simultaneously, I am bleeding all over the place. I am surprised that there isn't a trail of blood from my apartment to the clinic to my office. This is my version of bread crumbs. Anyone can find me.

I met with the head IVF nurse this morning before my results came back in. She confirmed things did not look good. Yes, these scenarios sometimes turn out okay with healthy babies but usually not. She agreed this limbo status was worst case scenario. When she called me back later with the results she seemed pretty surpised with the number. They're putting me on an additional progesterone supplement. That's all they can do. I need to schedule an ultrasound scan for Wednesday and hopefully then they can tell me what's going on. That is, if I don't bleed to death by then.

I've thought long and hard and I think the only solution is to hang upside down for the forseeable future.

J is as confused as I am. He was planning on going up to Michigan to with friends this weekend but I asked him to stay here. I rarely pull the wife card but if this doesn't merit it, I don't know what does. I shall not bleed alone.

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